About Us
The Harley-Davidson ® Cafe is the first restaurant to ever document the over one hundred years of Harley-Davidson ® history. The Harley-Davidson Café ® is not a museum, but rather an interactive environment where patrons can touch, play and ride the wave of dining’s future. The Cafe and merchandise store feature Harley-Davidson ® Cafe clothes which have has been created in response to the growing trend in the popularity of motorcycles and their enthusiasts, and the greater understanding and appreciation by the public that motorcycles are driven by people from all walks of life. Harley-Davidson’s appeal has come to transcend all cultural barriers. It has become a sensibility in popular culture, which is pure Americana. This unique restaurant showcases Harley-Davidson ® memorabilia and possessions from sports figures, corporate leaders, politicians, television music and film stars, all of whom share a love for all things Harley-Davidson ®. Through the use of special effects, set design and theatrical lighting, the HDC draws patrons into a three dimensional world of Harley-Davidson ® culture, past, present and future.


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