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Bursting through the front façade Harley-Davidson Café is a (7.1:1) scale replica Heritage Softail, costing over $ 750,000 to manufacture, with a front tire alone weighing 1,200 lbs. and measuring 32 linear feet. Known to have caused traffic to halt on Las Vegas Boulevard when first erected September of 1997.

Main Floor
Over 15 custom motorcycles are on display throughout the Cafe, including motorcycles from Billy Joel, Elvis and Ann-Margret. The Ann-Margret Corner features a 1953 Special Flat Tracker Racer with K model Sportser engine used on stage by Ann-Margret in Las Vegas shows.

Bike Conveyor
Circulating thoughout the 3 levels of the Café are seven classic Harley-Davidson® motorbikes traveling on a $375,000 conveyor belt system. This conveyor belt system was built by Jervis-Webb, the same manufacturer of the conveyor belt assembly system used in the Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle plant in York, Pennsylvania.

Capt America Bike
Photo Opportunity on a replica “Captain America Bike” from the film “ Easy Rider”.

Chain Flag
Chain Flag Facts: Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Heaviest Flag” Weighing over 7 tons, measuring 25 ft tall and 37 ft, 8 in. long, made of 201 lengths of chain from 44,000 individual chain links.

Display Cases
Includes a Jon Bon Jovi snakeskin jacket designed by Gianni Versace. This snakeskin jacket was worn by Jon Bon Jovi in concert and is autographed by him on the inside back lining. The first Harley-Davidson® Café Las Vegas Captain America Tee Shirt, autographed by Peter Fonda.

Retail Store
Harley-Davidson® Café guests can visit our famous Las Vegas Merchandise Shop for our exclusive, custom designed men’s, ladies and children sportswear and collectible items. Check out our on line shop for a sampling of our latest merchandise for yourself or that special Las Vegas Harley-Davidson® Café gift.



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